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I'm a Director at an insight consultancy. I'm interested in marketing, market research & consumer psychology. The views expressed are not necessarily those of my employer.

How powerful is anchoring?

Anchoring works unconsciously. Applying it ethically should be our first concern. Continue reading

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10 takeaways from Nudgestock 2019

Nudgestock, Ogilvy’s annual festival of behavioural science, is highly unusual in its ambition and scope. The day is about developing creative solutions to human problems. We’re here to understand people in all their complexity and consider what unites them in … Continue reading

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How defaults reinvented workplace pensions

It’s easy to get downhearted when you think about politics. So let’s take a moment to be cheerful in these hyper-partisan, Brexity times. Sometimes politicians do leave legacies that make a real difference to people’s lives. In 2012 there was … Continue reading

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Using behavioural science to unlock customer opportunities: keeping it SASSY at Leeds Digital Festival

This month Trinity McQueen were delighted to take part in the fourth annual Leeds Digital Festival. Comprising 200+ events over eleven days it’s a great showcase for innovation in the city. My presentation focussed on applying behavioural science. It’s something … Continue reading

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Stick or twist? Supermarket buying patterns from 5 years of Clubcard data

It’s a reminder that you can throw terabytes of computing power at an ocean of data and end up mostly confirming what we already know. That’s OK – it’s why it is called research. Continue reading

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Dollar Street: a glimpse into how people live across the world

Dollar Street is a photography project aiming to demystify the daily lives of people who live in other cultures. It’s a tool for empathy. Continue reading

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Three ways to think about value: scarcity, context and signalling

Scarcity, context & signalling. I’d argue we value what we believe in, and that belief is largely driven by scarcity, context & signalling. Here’s as brief a summary as I can manage.

Continue reading

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APG Noisy Thinking: a planning surgery with Les Binet and Sarah Carter

Billed as a “planning surgery” it was an opportunity to pose questions to and discuss the finer points of marketing strategy in a confidential environment. Continue reading

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