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I'm a Director at a communications agency. I'm interested in marketing, market research & consumer psychology. The views expressed are not necessarily those of my employer.

Help! A canvass bag is following me around the internet!

Just because you happen upon a product online it doesn’t mean it should follow you around until you relent and buy it. Continue reading

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Transitions: the sweet spot for behaviour change

Danny Kahneman introduced “the best idea I ever heard in psychology” on this week’s Freakonomics podcast. Continue reading

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Identity signalling

We compete for status in almost every domain of our lives.

Our identities are more malleable than we care to admit.

We perform ourselves to ourselves. Continue reading

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Ad effectiveness: Les Binet / WARC webinar

The content was so good I’ve been mulling it over for 3 months trying to work out all the implications. Continue reading

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5 takeaways from the MRS Conference

Another year, another MRS conference. Here’s five takeaways from the sessions I attended on the second day. Imagining multiple futures If the past 12 months have taught us anything it is that making predictions is difficult – or even foolish. … Continue reading

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The challenges of media research

Media owners use research to prove that their media channels work and are good value to their customers, the advertisers. Advertisers rely on research to show that advertising has worked both creatively and in terms of media choice. Both need to understand how people use media and receive messages. This sets the challenge for media research Continue reading

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The unreasonable consumer

Adam Morgan’s presentation at IAB Engage 2016 Winning in the age of the unreasonable consumer is well worth 15 minutes of your time. He does a great job of summarising how the consumer mindset has changed. Across categories ‘Uber’s Children’ … Continue reading

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WARC Brainy Bar 3

The Brainy Bar – run by Walnut in conjunction with WARC – brings clients, vendors and agencies involved neuroscience (the “brainy” part) to get together in Creston’s bar (the “bar” part) to share case studies and best practice.

It’s an admirable shared vision of people from different fields working together to create more effective communications. Continue reading

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5% of my waking hours

5% of my waking hours are spent on my phone. It’s time to think about the social context of phone use. Continue reading

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A Lament for the Millennials (2): UK house prices vs. average student debt upon graduation 2000-2015

I looked into how house prices and student debt upon graduation have changed over the past 15 years. Continue reading

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