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The challenges of media research

Media owners use research to prove that their media channels work and are good value to their customers, the advertisers. Advertisers rely on research to show that advertising has worked both creatively and in terms of media choice. Both need to understand how people use media and receive messages. This sets the challenge for media research Continue reading

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Summer reading

Summer is here: the work-related reading in my suitcase alongside the latest Jack Reacher barnstormer is… Continue reading

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What happens to today’s opinions tomorrow?

Byron Sharp’s How Brands Grow is the only marketing text I refer to on a regular basis. It’s well written and pulls no punches. His conclusions are based on single source datasets tracking attitudes and purchasing over time, giving them … Continue reading

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The end of absence: reclaiming what we’ve lost in a world of constant connection (Michael Harris)

Those of us over the age of 35 can remember life before the internet. In the End of Absence Michael Harris examines the impact it has had on our lives. Continue reading

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Oversupply, overload and overconfidence: themes from this week’s reading

Oversupply, overload and overconfidence: themes from this week’s reading Continue reading

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Confessions of an Advertising Man, 50 years on

It’s 50 years since David Ogilvy’s Confessions of an Advertising Man was published. Ogilvy’s crisp, vivid writing hasn’t suffered with age. Continue reading

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Book review: Decoded, Phil Barden

If Phil Barden is right, all students of marketing should switch to psychology today. Continue reading

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Matt Watkinson book launch: The ten principles behind great customer experiences

Matt Watkinson cuts through the flabby thinking that tends to accompany the world of “customer experience” Continue reading

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64 things you need to know now for then, Ben Hammersley

A unifying theme is that “…etiquette around usage lags way behind the technological capabilities”. We’re in the midst of profound technological shift and are still working out the right balance in many areas of our lives. Continue reading

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You are an individual. Just like everybody else.

The core idea in Mark Earls’ most recent book “I’ll have what she’s having” is that the unit of analysis for social behaviour should be the group not the individual. Collaborating with Anthropologists Alex Bentley and Michael O’Brien the book … Continue reading

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