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The price placebo effect

Our expectations delude us: it’s just a matter of degree. Continue reading

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Pizza Express vouchers: devaluing the brand one discount at a time

With the gross margin on pizza being around 80% there’s definitely room for some sales promotion, but discounting has devalued the Pizza Express brand. Continue reading

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Inspiration in retail

If the role of the web for grocery retail is to escape the drudgery of the weekly shop, is the role of the store to inspire? Continue reading

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Owners vs. experts: the JD Power UK car satisfaction survey 2012

Why do experts and owners come to such different conclusions? Most importantly, if you’re trying to decide what to buy – which do you rely on? Continue reading

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Some more on choice

Professor Renata Saleci’s recent talk at the RSA is a useful addition to the literature on choice, part of the RSA Animate series.   She views choice sceptically – as reflected in the title of her recent book The Tyranny … Continue reading

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