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Retail in Japan: a visitor’s impression

I’m just back from Japan. One of the first things to hit me was how different the shops were. Being a sad case I took a few snaps to share with the team. Here’s my tourist with a smartphone view on Japanese retail. Continue reading

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Inspiration in retail: Tracey Neuls

This quarter’s Intelligent Life magazine has a profile of Canadian designer Tracey Neuls. Her Shoreditch outlet is as much gallery space as it is shop. I like the merging of the two worlds. The setting casts the product in a … Continue reading

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Cigarette alternatives: the rise of the eCig and the return of snuff

The eCigarette market is enjoying a boom. Continue reading

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UK supermarket retail in a single chart: Christmas like-for-like sales

Supermarket Q4 LfL trading updates show retailers are experiencing mixed fortunes Continue reading

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Matt Watkinson book launch: The ten principles behind great customer experiences

Matt Watkinson cuts through the flabby thinking that tends to accompany the world of “customer experience” Continue reading

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7 reasons Comet failed

Comet’s failure paints a bleak picture for bricks and mortar retail. Today’s Observer summed up its woes concisely. Clear themes stand out: Continue reading

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Inspiration in retail

If the role of the web for grocery retail is to escape the drudgery of the weekly shop, is the role of the store to inspire? Continue reading

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