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Oasis vs. Prudential: two very different honesty plays

Ttwo honesty plays, two audiences and two very different communication goals. Continue reading

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The mail men: TMc research launches new Royal Mail advertising campaign

If you are on the tube this week look out for a new campaign from Royal Mail. The Mail Men aims to reach media planners, buyers & advertising clients to educate them about the unique role of mail as part … Continue reading

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Inspiration in retail: Tracey Neuls

This quarter’s Intelligent Life magazine has a profile of Canadian designer Tracey Neuls. Her Shoreditch outlet is as much gallery space as it is shop. I like the merging of the two worlds. The setting casts the product in a … Continue reading

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Oversupply, overload and overconfidence: themes from this week’s reading

Oversupply, overload and overconfidence: themes from this week’s reading Continue reading

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Advertising that breaks the fourth wall is doing my head in

Self-referential advertising abounds. Continue reading

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Amazon mobile: the interface dictates the behaviour

Amazon’s legendary user experience costing them profit? Now there’s an irony… Continue reading

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Matt Watkinson book launch: The ten principles behind great customer experiences

Matt Watkinson cuts through the flabby thinking that tends to accompany the world of “customer experience” Continue reading

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Pizza Express vouchers: devaluing the brand one discount at a time

With the gross margin on pizza being around 80% there’s definitely room for some sales promotion, but discounting has devalued the Pizza Express brand. Continue reading

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Jonathan Ive and Don Norman on beauty

Jonathan Ive, creates beauty. Don Norman helps us decode it.
Continue reading

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A manifesto for testing ideas

Advertising research ignites passion like no other area.

The researcher is often regarded as the anti-Christ; a philistine wrecking all things creative.  Continue reading

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