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Nudgestock 2018

Big data contributed to both Nokia’s and Hillary Clinton’s failure; Facebook dating is a game-changer; How to hack your future memories Continue reading

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Event: The Weird and Wonderful World of Behavioural Economics, Anthony Tasgal

We can change behaviour without changing minds.

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WARC Event – Behavioural Economics: Research, Purchase Journeys, Shopper Marketing and Choice

The connecting theme for the talks was applying the learnings from behavioural economics to real life practice. It’s all very well to have read Nudge and Predictably Irrational… the hard bit is figuring out what to do next. This is what drew the 200 attendees to a standing room only event at Deloitte’s London HQ.

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Technology, trust and market research: opinion piece written for IMPACT magazine, January 2018

New technologies will challenge our ethical boundaries. Whether we’re clients, agencies or consultants our perspective needs to be clear. Continue reading

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Oasis vs. Prudential: two very different honesty plays

Ttwo honesty plays, two audiences and two very different communication goals. Continue reading

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The mail men: TMc research launches new Royal Mail advertising campaign

If you are on the tube this week look out for a new campaign from Royal Mail. The Mail Men aims to reach media planners, buyers & advertising clients to educate them about the unique role of mail as part … Continue reading

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Inspiration in retail: Tracey Neuls

This quarter’s Intelligent Life magazine has a profile of Canadian designer Tracey Neuls. Her Shoreditch outlet is as much gallery space as it is shop. I like the merging of the two worlds. The setting casts the product in a … Continue reading

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Oversupply, overload and overconfidence: themes from this week’s reading

Oversupply, overload and overconfidence: themes from this week’s reading Continue reading

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Advertising that breaks the fourth wall is doing my head in

Self-referential advertising abounds. Continue reading

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