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WARC Event – Behavioural Economics: Research, Purchase Journeys, Shopper Marketing and Choice

The connecting theme for the talks was applying the learnings from behavioural economics to real life practice. It’s all very well to have read Nudge and Predictably Irrational… the hard bit is figuring out what to do next. This is what drew the 200 attendees to a standing room only event at Deloitte’s London HQ.

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Help! A canvass bag is following me around the internet!

Just because you happen upon a product online it doesn’t mean it should follow you around until you relent and buy it. Continue reading

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WARC Brainy Bar 3

The Brainy Bar – run by Walnut in conjunction with WARC – brings clients, vendors and agencies involved neuroscience (the “brainy” part) to get together in Creston’s bar (the “bar” part) to share case studies and best practice.

It’s an admirable shared vision of people from different fields working together to create more effective communications. Continue reading

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The mail men: TMc research launches new Royal Mail advertising campaign

If you are on the tube this week look out for a new campaign from Royal Mail. The Mail Men aims to reach media planners, buyers & advertising clients to educate them about the unique role of mail as part … Continue reading

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Oversupply, overload and overconfidence: themes from this week’s reading

Oversupply, overload and overconfidence: themes from this week’s reading Continue reading

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Advertising that breaks the fourth wall is doing my head in

Self-referential advertising abounds. Continue reading

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Book review: Decoded, Phil Barden

If Phil Barden is right, all students of marketing should switch to psychology today. Continue reading

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Twitter surveys: the respondent experience

The Twitter mobile app survey interface is clean: text is kept to a minimum & the survey buttons are large so even those with sausage fingers won’t mis-code. Continue reading

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7 reasons Comet failed

Comet’s failure paints a bleak picture for bricks and mortar retail. Today’s Observer summed up its woes concisely. Clear themes stand out: Continue reading

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