The mail men: TMc research launches new Royal Mail advertising campaign

If you are on the tube this week look out for a new campaign from Royal Mail. Mail Men aims to reach media planners, buyers & advertising clients to educate them about the unique role of mail as part of the marketing mix.

What’s different about it? It’s launching a research report. Biometrics, quant, qual and ethnography were combined to evidence how mail works at an emotional, not just a rational level.

“Researchers spent 18 months examining how people interact with mail in the digital age – and the results are astonishing. “

What’s exciting for us is that it showcases our work. In 2013 we conducted a controlled experiment examining how production quality affects how people respond to advertising mail (how the medium affects the message). In 2014 we put CCTV cameras in people’s homes to show how mail behaviour is very different from mail attitudes. Both projects were shortlisted for MRS Awards in the Advertising and Media category.

The website has video excerpts taken from both projects, evidencing the impact of mail in the home and mail in the heart.

Whilst I can’t claim to be objective it’s really well branded, confident campaign. We wish Royal Mail every success.

About Simon Shaw

I'm a Director at an insight consultancy. I'm interested in marketing, market research & consumer psychology. The views expressed are not necessarily those of my employer.
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