Inspiration in retail: Tracey Neuls

This quarter’s Intelligent Life magazine has a profile of Canadian designer Tracey Neuls.

Her Shoreditch outlet is as much gallery space as it is shop.

I like the merging of the two worlds. The setting casts the product in a new light, encouraging reinterpretation. Or maybe shoes just look better suspended. “Sometimes the best view is from the back” she says.

Having a curated selection of 20-30 choices rather than 200-300 would certainly suit me. Choice can be demotivating.

Whether this would succeed at scale or not for me misses the point: let’s celebrate a beautiful outlier.

Tracey Neuls - Pic courtesy of Luke Hayes

Tracey Neuls - Pic courtesy of MallvomitTracey Neuls 2 - Pic courtesy of Mallvomit

Photo credit #1 Luke Hayes #2 & #3 Mallvomit

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I'm a Director at an insight consultancy. I'm interested in marketing, market research & consumer psychology. The views expressed are not necessarily those of my employer.
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