What is influence? Brass at Social Media Week London

The subject of ‘influence’ in social media is hotly debated. It’s sure to be a hot topic at the events and panel discussions in Social Media Week London this week.

We have jumped in and added to the debate with our Social Media Week London Twitter Influence Leaderboard. It shows you the Top 5 tweets and the Top 5 Twitter Influencers from Social Media Week London. You can read more about how we calculated influence at Social Media Week London here.

Being ‘shouty’ is very different from being ‘clouty’ – and we’re not claiming to have come up with the magic formula….but hope it sparks some debate.

Brass are also running a couple of events:

On Thursday were hosting a panel debate with First Direct Social Media in banking: a Social Media Week debate.

On Friday we’re hosting an event about our work for Ribena – Ribena Farm event – complete with plastic farmyard animals that turned up at the office yesterday…

Fun times.

About Simon Shaw

I'm a Director at an insight consultancy. I'm interested in marketing, market research & consumer psychology. The views expressed are not necessarily those of my employer.
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